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안녕하세요, hello everyone ^.^ ~my friends called me rabbit~ just an ordinary girl who loves fashion,mix and match something, cassiopeia and love chocolate . ah ya~i wanna say thank u for all of u who treat me so kind and like or reblogged my post , made me feel happy ^.^ ~~hmmm ~ i love to make friends so,let's be friends !! u can also follow my twitter @AcLarinta

Ha ha ha i never thought this is would be in my dream this evening. So,i dreamt about mr.P.Y (inisialnya aja ya ^.^v) so he was visiting my home (oh i wish it can be true) and he asking me to accompany him walking around the city. little by little we become closer. When we goes to visiting the city hall, suddenly i met with germany national team holding a photoshooting session and also the chelsea f.c football team and after that the story end because~ i woke up he he he

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